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On 8th, September FADA ( Federation of Automobile Dealers Association ) released a sales report on Commercial Vehicle sales in August 2020. FADA's sales report says that The Mahindra and Mahindra were performing Better in CV sales than TATA motors.

The FADA'S sales Report Data based on Vehicle registrations Which provide by various Auto Dealers. The FADA'S sales Report claimed that Mahindra & Mahindra's market shares improved by 40 percent in August 2020 from 23.5 percent last year, and TATA Motors shares had declined by 26 percent from 42 percent in August 2019.

But TATA Motors claimed that This market share data have limitations to deliver actual sales data as all Dealers are not Member of FADA and Another side, M&M concern that They surpassed the industry due to it's Better strategic thinking.

FADA is the Apex national body of automobile retail. It is only the forth second time after July 2020 that FADA is releasing Vehicle registration based O.E.M. market shares.

Automotive News | Auto Reporter
Market Shares

About market shares:

When everyone has questioned the decrease in market shares, a Spokesperson of TATA motors told Business Line that, "The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), The apex body of all O.E.M.s. Publishes accurate data on market shares every quarter after collecting Authentic sales numbers for each quarter directly from all O.E.M.s.The market share data, as published by FADA (that you refer to), have limitations on comprehensiveness and reflecting actual sales, as all vehicle dealers are not members of FADA and hence do not share their sales numbers with it. In August 2020, Tata Motors recorded total CV sales of 17,889 vehicles."

Vinkesh Gulati, The President of FADA, said that its data is not restricted to its members. Also, he added that "FADA's data is based on Vahan. SIAM figures are stock transfer from O.E.M. to dealers. and not the actual customer sales market share."

Veejay Nakra, The C.E.O. of Automotive Division, M&M Ltd, told BusinessLine: "Despite challenging times, we have been witnessing good traction in the small and light commercial vehicles. This is driven by the need for the movement of essential goods and commodities, e-commerce demand, and S.M.E. materials movement."

On SIAM sales report:

The SIAM has not released Data on CV sales in July 2020 and not as far as August 2020. But TATA motors sales Data says that they sold 17,889 CVs (including exports) in August 2020 compared to 24,850 CVs (including exports) sold in August 2019. If we only concern domestic sales, they sold 16,837 CVs in August 2020 compared to 21,824 CVs in August 2019. These are sales done to Dealers. But in the same pattern, M&M sold 15,299 CVs(excluding exports) in August 2020 as compared to 14,680 CVs in August 2019.

On the other side, FADA says that Report's market shares data based on the actual vehicle registration.