Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The Mercedes S-Class Is The Most Iconic And Luxurious Vehicle Ever. This Sedan Is Loaded With Lots Of Features So The Chairman Of The Board Management Daimler AG And Mercedes Benz AG Says That The 2021 Mercedes S Class Is The Most Advance Mercedes Ever. It Has Equipped With Newly Arrived Mercedes MBUX Technology Also Its Body Is Mirror Body. The New E Active Body Controlled Suspension Is Fitted Which Works With Cameras And 5 Multi-Processor And Also Some More Features Included.

In terms of exterior design, the new S-class 2021 has big headlights compared to the old one, it contains 3 DRLs with the 'Digital Light' feature. The New Mercedes Benz S-Class comes with POP-UP door handles. It has a new front bumper design which features the large Air- Intakes. Also, It has a Massive front grille with heavy chrome finished Horizontal Blades, which enhance the overall looks of the New S-Class 2021. The previous generation S-Class has sharper Tail lights but The New S-Class has Horizontal and Triangular elements in Design. At the lower section of the rear Profile, The new S-Class has chrome finished Twin exhaust to give it Sporty looks. It has tire range from 18 inches to 21 inches according to Wheelbase and Choice of Customer.

If we look Under the hood of the new Mercedes Benz S-Class 2021 has equipped with 3.0 liters V6 Engine and 9-speed automatic transmission. The new S-Class will come with 3 variants like Petrol, Diesel, Plug-in-Hybrid. With a 4-Matic All-Wheel Drive system, a ride will be smoother in the new S-Class 2021. Also, the new S-Class has a four-wheel steering system that Enhances the turning radius.

About the powertrain, it has 3 variants: Petrol, Diesel, and Hybrid (with 48v battery). The car comes with a 6-cylinder 3.0-liter engine and a 9-speed automatic gearbox. With 4-MATIC all-wheel drive, it makes the ride smoother. It has also the advanced rear-wheel steering system.

In the comfort and safety part, it comes with the New E-Active body control working with adaptive dampers, which works with a camera, 5 multi-core processors, and 20 sensors for the best passenger comfort. It has an interior assist function, which uses cameras to track movements and proactively trigger certain functions. It has also a Burmester 4D surround-sound system which includes 31 speakers. It also features fingerprint, face, and voice recognition to authenticate the driver and automatically adjust the setting according to given data. As well as the gesture control system built-in it to operate the sunroof and other functions. It includes the latest safety features with front airbags for rear passengers.

Mercedes Benz claims, 'the new S-class is one of the most Aerodynamically efficient cars in the world. '

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