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The show is a word synonymous with the Tuscan Grand Prix. The Mugello Circuit saw two pile-ups and a total of 8 cars retiring from the race. Though the winner was a known face at the No.1 marked stand, Red Bull saw a new face in third place. Rather than Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon took his first podium at Mugello.

Mercedes significantly experienced huge tire problems at Mugello. Red Bull chief Christian Horner cleared up about the Mercedes garage's tense circumstances while the dramatic race unfolded.

The Red Bull Team Principal said that They(Mercedes) weren't stretched last weekend, but they could hear how nervous they(Mercedes) were, instructing their drivers to stay off the curbs. So, it would be great to be competitive in Sochi and put them under a little bit of pressure because that is when things can happen.

Max Verstappen's Tuscan Grand Prix ended prematurely on the very first lap of the race. A hectic pile-up at the fourth corner pushed Verstappen and Gasly into the gravel trap. Unfortunately, Verstappen couldn't rejoin the race. A team of Honda experts claimed the problem to be related to the software. However, Verstappen knew better.

Max could be heard screaming into his radio after the race commenced. He claimed there wasn't enough power. Furthermore, he started dropping down the positions after having a decent enough start.

Verstappen complained of malfunctions in his car. However, his patience wasn't trained enough to handle elimination on the first lap. He was heard yelling, "This is what you get with this f**king shit show," referring to the engine problem.

Christian Horner came forth in a bid to clarify Verstappen's situation with the team. He explained, "Max's frustration at another DNF is understandable; from Mugello's very first lap, he was on it. We had a high-speed car, and some real progress has been made with the car's balance.

"He has to get it out of his system now and then look forward. We will go through it with him before Sochi and discuss what has been done behind the scenes between Honda and the Team to help rectify it for the next race."

Horner confesses that they were feeling optimistic about the race. Mercedes' festering tire trouble opened up the game for Red Bull. However, Verstappen's spin shattered any hopes that the Milton-Keynes-based outfit was held from Mugello's race. That is until Alex Albon earned a place on the podium.

"We felt that in the race, we could take the fight to Mercedes. He had done the hard work in beating Lewis off the line, and it was going to be game on, but of course, that did not materialize."

Despite their differences, Red Bull seem optimistic about their race in Sochi. They plan to stick to their strategy and work on the engine problems.